Basil Pup

Peanut butter and Chocolate. Always a classic combination, even if the recipe isn’t so classic. or even a recipe, really.

I am still reeling over my amazing weekend, and will recap every detail soon. I’m still on a plant-based high with a goofy grin, and there are some people still in Portland for a few more days so I’m spending time with new friends!

I managed to develop quite the sweet tooth as a result of all the amazing food we enjoyed this weekend. In three days. I crave sweets now, wanting dessert after dinner. Breakfast and lunch too, if I’m being honest.

Today I have the honor of guest posting for my friend Eden – whose blog I love for many reasons – she makes me laugh, inspires me to think, and instigates many fun comment conversations. So when she asked me to guest post, I put my thinking laptop on to come up with something fun.

This satisfies that sweet tooth.

The breakfast one.

The theme is “not on my blog” – visit Eden to see what I have to say.

What is your favorite chocolate peanut butter combination?



have a great night! 


I shared with you some of the benefits of our juice fast, but we are not the only ones who benefit from our juicing. Basil is enjoying it too.

I have used juicing pulp in baking breads and muffins before. Now while we are fasting, Basil is enjoying homemade treats made from juice pulp! I have made a few flavors, and while Basil is not partial, I think these are his favorite.

Who doesn’t like apples and peanut butter? Classic.

If you aren’t a juicer, you can use chopped or shredded apples, maybe reducing to 3/4 cup.

apple & peanut butter dog treats

1 cup apple pulp or shredded apple (I juiced 3 apples)
1/2 cup peanut butter
3/4 cup brown rice flour (plus additional for kneading, rolling)
1 egg (or flax, chia or Ener-G replacer)

Core and juice 3 apples, reserving pulp. Combine apple pulp and peanut butter, then add egg and flour.

Knead into a ball and roll to about 1/2 inch thickness. Cut with cookie cutter or knife. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Cool completely, store in an airtight container.

Basil loves these! They are soft out of the oven and as they cool they become crisper but not too crunchy. Cooking for another 5-7 minutes makes them crunchy (this is what I did with a carrot batch).

These are so quick and easy to make, I like the short healthy ingredient list for Basil, and I’m using most of the pulp when we juice, which makes me happy too.

 Basil says Happy Tuesday – *wag wag wag*


picnic at the dog park

by Kristina Sloggett

in Basil Pup,dachshund

Basil and I recently had lunch with Jason at the dog park near his office. Basil is very friendly when we are out walking / running on our trail, but he becomes very shy at the off leash dog park. I’m hoping with continued visits he loosens up…

Dogs like him, though.

Other long dogs want to make friends…

I made a picnic lunch.

The Big Salad

packed up and ready to go!

Cookie balls!

Dried fruit, bananas, San Pellegrino and coconut water.

and water for Basil.

I think I had more fun running around at the dog park than Basil did, but he just needs to get used to it. Dog park picnic may just become a regular lunch date this summer – even if he isn’t outgoing with the other dogs, he does have fun.

Do you have a dog? Are they friendly? Do you take them to off leash areas?



I have been lucky to win some blog giveaways from time to time, and I love to host them! Like mama like Dog Son, Basil recently won a blog giveaway of his own!

One of my favorite Dachshund Blogs, LOL Doxie, had a giveaway for a Huck durable dog toy.

Basil is notorious for chewing the bejeesus out of a new toy within five minutes, and these are guaranteed against dog damage. Well, sweet Basil won!! So far, so good… he’s been playing with it for a week or so, it is still intact.

Thank you Chris and Long Dog Kenny!

Some of you may know Basil is a rescue pup. He came to us with some quirks, one of them is that he doesn’t like slick floors like hardwoods or tile. He doesn’t like to go around corners on these type of floors (around our kitchen island or out the bathroom door), and will stand frozen in place on a hardwood floor.

Another thing I can thank LOL Doxie for is the discovery of Power Paws, non skid socks for dogs.

WARNING… extremely cute pup photo ahead…

When I heard of these I ordered them immediately – hoping they would help Basil feel more comfortable. I think he needs more time to get used to them – right now he is picking up his feet really high when walking, especially his back feet, so it’s an added distraction.

I was able to snap these photos by saying the t-r-e-a-t word…

I’m hoping he will get used to them, because I want him to feel comfortable in his own home (right now he backs out of the kitchen slowly, and sometimes will not come through the bathroom).

He sure is cute, though.

Do you have a pet?

Do they have funny quirks?

Would they wear socks?



A couple years back I participated in Heather’s ornament exchange, as part of Handmade Christmas 2010.

I am SO glad I did. It was SO much fun, and completely pulled me out of my comfort zone of No Sewing.

I do not sew.

Well, I guess I do now. ;)

I must have known I’d love this, because I signed up for the maximum of five. I make five ornaments, I get five in return. Then I told Heather (because I love her and because she organized this) that I would make one for her too. So, six.

What will I make, what will I make? What have I gotten myself into?

So, I’d give anyone who reads regularly or knows me, a HALF a guess as to what I would make.

Okay, onto the tutorial.

Gather your tools: Embroidery thread, sharp scissors, a needle, a chopstick.

Gather your material: Felt and stuffing.

Gather your inspiration: Dachshunds Basil, Jake and Elwood.

Basil !

Jake !

Elwood !

um, Elwood giving me the side eye.


ah…  the inspiration is my favorite. :D

Draw your shape, in this case, a dachshund. make a stencil. Ink an outline onto felt.

Cut out your template. You will use as a guide to cut out all doxies.

You need two pieces of felt for each dachshund.

Fold over a piece of felt, pin down template doxie, cut.

Cut two ears.

Now you are ready to start sewing! I used the blanket stitch:

Bring the threaded needle from the back of the fabric through to the front at the desired distance from the edge – this determines the width of the stitch. I start from the inside the pieces of felt, so the knot doesn’t show.

To sew the first stitch, put the needle into the fabric from the front, the same distance from the edge as the thread came through in Step 1 and to the left. The distance between the two should remain consistent. When pulling needle / thread through, I stick my finger out to catch the loop before I pull all the way through.

Pass the needle through the loop and pull tight.

To sew the second stitch, put the needle through the back, at the same distance as the first, pull needle through to front, catching loop with finger and pass needle through loop. Pull tight. Repeat!

Then do the same stitching on each ear!

I actually stitched the ears first, then when I got to the top of each doxie head, I’d stitch the ears on as I went along… an ear for each side, flappable.

For these dachshund shapes, I began at the left of the belly, by the back leg, and sewed away from the belly all around the dachshund.

I take out the needle, but leave the thread in. After you stuff, you can keep sewing!

Ready to stuff!

Use very small amounts of stuffing at one time…

This is where the chopstick comes in.

Poke the stuffing into the leg, the tail if possible (the tail sticks up on its own), the head, front leg.

You need to hold the belly together to finish sewing…

Then sew a nose.

After the nose, stick the needle inside the head, poking out where you want the eye.

Sew an eye, poke through to the other side, sew another eye.

Well, Hello.

Hello Everyone!!

Next, pick another color of felt and cut a scarf.

Wrap around doxie, sew down in the middle, add a button. I used a silver charm on each one.

Using 1/8th inch satin ribbon, sew a hanger loop in the middle of the doxie back.

Completed Dachshund!

I made two for each recipient of the ornament exchange. I estimated they took about 2 1/4 hours each, and as I got into a groove, it was under 2 hours per pup.

I also made a few for a couple friends with dachshunds.

This one is custom:

I wish I had the time to make them for all the doxies I know!