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I am still reeling over the crazy successful auction for Susan earlier this week – in one day a group of bloggers raised over $26,000. Once again I am grateful for this amazing community, and so happy to be a part of it!

If you bid (thank you!) and didn’t win, or if you could not bid on the spabettie salt scrub? I made enough this time to do a giveaway!

I am giving away THREE jars of my latest flavor – passionfruit. Right now this is my favorite scent, very summery and tropical and reminds me of Hawaii.

THREE winners, three ways to enter – leave a comment for each:

#1) if you could choose one spa treatment, which would be your favorite?

#2) do you have a favorite skincare line?

#3) tweet about this giveaway, including a link to this post. use this if you like –>

enter to win SALT SCRUB from @spabettie – THREE winners! –> http://spabettie.com/?p=8030

closes Wednesday and winners will be emailed Thursday morning!



today is Auction Day!

by Kristina Sloggett

in homemade salt scrub

Today is The Great Fundraising Act for Susan

and this huge jar of salt scrub could be yours.

I have a large (38oz / 1.12L) jar of spabettie salt scrub along with several other spa + beauty products – full size and deluxe sample sizes. To see my original post detailing the other full size products, click here.

There are nearly 200 items up for bid, and they are awesome! Each item has it’s own page, and to place a bid you leave a comment on that item’s page.

To see the full list by category, as well as current bid list, click here

For a complete overview of how the auction will work, click here.

To bid on my spabettie scrub package, click here! :D

A huge thank you to Janetha for all the work you have done to coordinate this, and for managing it today! 

Thank you to all of you for reading, and thanks in advance for any bids on any items! 

Happy Monday!



This coming Monday, July 25th, the blog world is having a very important event. Our friend and fellow blogger, Susan, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, and Janetha is coordinating an auction and bake sale that takes place Monday from 8:am to 11:pm (EST).

This is what I love most about this community that I am so grateful and excited to be a part of – there are so many bloggers and companies coming together for Susan, and there are almost 200 items up for bid. Janetha is hosting The Great Fundraising Act and it’s going to be big!

I am donating a large (38oz / 1.12L) jar of my spabettie salt scrub (passion fruit):

In addition to the scrub, these products are included as well:

bliss lemon + sage body butter 2.5 oz tube

smashbox eye shadow in smashing deadline

the Balm plump your pucker lip gloss in Water My Melon & Ruby My Grapefruit shades

benefit face color and lipstick – i lotused you looking (face), picked up in paradise (lip)

The spabettie package will also include an assortment of deluxe skincare, spa and beauty samples. lots of fun stuff!

For more information about the auction, see Janetha’s post here. I’ll have a reminder and link when the auction goes live – there will be so many great things to bid on!

Thanks for reading!


One of the basic topics learned while completing skin care certification is the importance of exfoliation. We learned the process (and practiced on each other – my favorite part!) of what estheticians call mechanical exfoliation – manually scrubbing the skin with abrasive product.

Exfoliation removes the skins outer layer, leaving the glow of  the newer skin underneath. Exfoliation unclogs pores, deep cleans, and helps to reduce breakouts. It smoothes skin, leaving a fresh, bright appearance. Exfoliated skin is incredibly soft and even in tone. For men, exfoliation prior to shaving minimizes ingrown hair.

My favorite products to test are exfoliators – I love the feel of a good grainy scrub that works! I also love products that offer a natural alternative to the microdermabrasion machine – a microderm applied manually.

When I make my skin care scrubs and lotions, I approach it the same as cooking. I write a recipe.

I follow that recipe.

I change the recipe and try again. I test the outcome, again and again.

Eventually, we have something yummy.

This is my latest, a passionfruit whipped scrub. Delicious. Scrubby.

Most likely my favorite spa product, the scrub. Exfoliation feels great. It is a great part of a pedicure. It is one of my favorite spa services in general – from dry brush prior to massage – to a body scrub treatment. I don’t recommend daily exfoliation, but my rule is three to five times a week, two times a week for more sensitive skin, and less frequent and less abrasive for the face.

…and while I get fancier with some fruit extract and ingredients I find through my spa wholesaler, it really is as easy as mixing some salt or sugar with a bit of oil or lemon juice and you too can scrub!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I leave you with this, because it is hilariously funny:


Good morning, Sunshines!

one for me, one for me!

This morning, First Breakfast was quick. It was one of my favorite flavor blends, though, so it was anything but boring. My favorite vanilla protein powder (tastes like frosting!) paired with mandarin orange energy powder:

Mmm, it’s an orange creamsicle. Super cold – it is refreshing and filling, plus extra energy!

I’ve been blogging for one month and one day. In 27 posts, I have yet to talk about a favorite subject, skincare. I am a product junkie, I have been for years. The spa industry did not do this to me, but it certainly made a bigger monster AND afforded me many many product trials. It is one of my favorite perks, close second to massage and pedicures while working.

While in esthetics school, my favorite section was facials and body treatments. I love a good body scrub or wrap. The products at school were… decent. Meh. So. I made my own. :) There are great products out there, and in time I will talk about some of my favorites: Motion Medica, Pevonia, Product and terra firmamineral cosmetics. As far as masks, Astara is my All Time Favorite!!

Today? I want to talk about how you can make some!

Now I make my own scrub all the time – sugar scrub, salt scrub, coffee… the possibilities and skin benefits are many.

The sugars I use include plain white, coarse brown, or a blend of both. The salts I use include Epsom and sea.

My basic recipe is:

2 parts sugar or salt
*1 part oil – I use olive, mineral, apricot or coconut
essential oil (optional

*I like my scrub in a dry consistency; I’ve made scrubs for others who wanted more smooth consistency, and used more oil. And actually, I don’t even really measure anymore, I would suggest adding oil until it gets to the consistency you want. :)

*Also, sometimes I use Dr. Bronner’s in place of oil!

Now the fun part: adding essential oil for fragrance and aromatherapy benefits:

Grapefruit is antiseptic, mood lifting.
Peppermint = stimulating, energizing.
Lavender, chamomile and rosemary all help with headache.
Jasmine + geranium = calming, relaxing.
Tea tree + bergamot are good for blemished skin.
Eucalyptus + spearmint = soothing, relaxing.
Basil, of course. It smells fabulous.

The flavor I’m working on right now is a passionfruit sea salt scrub made with squalane oil. The first one I made smells amazing. I think it will be a perfect summer scent.

It always smells so good in the kitchen when I’m making scrubs. :) I mix with my hands, so I smell good too. :)

I am spending the day in the garden, finally planting!! Happy Monday, everyone!